0 Balance Transfer Credit Card

Benefit Of 0 APR Balance Transfer Credit Cards

A 0 balance transfer credit card or 0 APR balance transfers can be a cheap and effective way to manage your credit borrowings, when used responsibly.

However, increasing demand for 0% credit cards, not to mention interest rate rises have seen credit card companies impose higher balance transfer charges and restrictions on some of what were previously fee-free credit cards. While finding a 0% card isn't difficult, you will need to be mindful of the fees and charges it will cost you to get one.

As you have seen, a balance transfer credit card offer a means of transferring high interest credit card debt over to a 0 interest balance transfer credit card, - making your debt managable while buying you some extra free time to pay off a debt cheaply.

Using Balance Transfer Credit Card Effectively

When deciding which balance transfer credit card offer is right for you, the most important factor will be the 0% element. Moving an existing high interest credit card balance over to a 0 balance transfer product, is an excellent way to get yourself some free credit, at the same time you are reducing your credit card credit debt.

To use 0 interest credit card offers to your advantage, you will need to source the longest 0 APR balance transfer period you can get. This will typically be 3-6 months and even up to 1 year or so.

A second important consideration will be the cost element. A 0 APR balance transfer credit card does not mean you will not incur a balance transfer charge or even an annual credit card fee, so do your homework and aim to find a fee free balance transfer or better still, a no fee credit card.

Once you have accepted the best balance transfer credit card offer, move the money immediately. Most balance transfer credit card offers will usually have a requirement that you use it within a period of approximately six weeks before it expires.

If you find that the credit card credit limit on the balance transfer credit card is insufficient to cover the existing credit card debt to be transferred, there is nothing to stop you from transferring the maximum you are allowed. You can always source another 0 balance transfer credit card to accommodate the remaining debt.

Stay alert to other fantastic no fee balance transfer credit card offers and especially during the last two months before your existing 0 balance transfer credit card offer expires. This is important, since you will want to apply for a new 0% credit card balance transfer to start the process all over again. But you must be sure to do the balance transfer to the new card well before the transfer period on the existing card expires.

You can continue repeating the above steps over time, which will keep your debt interest free. A word of warning! Never spend on any of your 0 balance transfer credit cards, no matter how tempting the cashback rewards or incentives are, unless of course the 0% balance transfer rate also applies to any purchases.

Just don't delay in shifting over to the new 0 balance transfer credit card. If you leave it too late, the interest will rise to an extortionate level on your existing card and erode any gains you have made.

The real beauty of this system of getting free credit is that it enables you to pay off a greater amount of your debt instead of your repayments servicing high interest charges.

Risks Associated With Juggling 0 Balance Transfer Credit Cards

How many credit card balance transfers should you do?

Although using the 0% balance transfer credit card strategy is an excellent way to avoid paying interest on credit card credit borrowings, you need to approach this practice with caution.

The best customers from a credit card company's perspective are those from whom they profit through interest payments. Further, credit card suppliers take a dim view of people who consistently balance transfer debt to evade paying interest.

Too many balance transfers can therefore lead to credit card companies blocking your applications, which carry the risk of you being left with a large credit card debt balance at a significantly higher rate of interest once the low introductory APR rate period expires.

In addition, if you simply continue to obtain 0 balance transfer credit cards from different credit card companies without reducing your credit card credit debt in the process, you send a message to the credit card companies that you are in a dire financial state and are desperate for credit card credit. This can seriously harm your credit standing and future borrowing potential.

It is crucial that you are not late with, nor miss any of your repayments. If you do, you run the risk of losing your 0 balance transfer credit card rate and your account being reverted to a much higher interest and/or being charged a penalty fee. You should at the very least ensure you make the minimum payment by the due date.

How many credit card balance transfers you choose to do is down to you. Just remember that when used wisely, credit cards can be an effective financial tool - provided you:

  • Control the frequency and use of 0 balance transfer credit cards
  • Be sure to never miss or make late payments
  • Make note of any balance transfer charges or annual fees

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