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Finding The Best Credit Card Supplier

There are countless credit card companies, offering a wide selection of credit cards to suit literally every purpose and need. Which credit card provider you choose will be down to the type of credit card credit product you want.

In general though, you will find that most of the major credit card suppliers or a specific Uk credit card company will offer more or less similar levels of credit card service, depending on your status. For instance, the basic or standard level credit card can be applied for by people who are over the age of 18, who are perhaps just starting to establish their credit history or credit standing.

You will usually find that people over the age of 21 and those whose income are above a certain level, will have more options available to them. For example, they can usually apply to one of the top credit card providers for the gold level credit card which might also have the requirement of an income of between £20,000-£24,000 per annum.

Depending on your status, you can often secure the best credit deal. If you're a high flyer for instance, who happen to earn a higher than average income, then you'll most probably be eligible for the platinum level, but especially if you have a very healthy credit card history as well. With this type of card, the credit company will often reward you with better customer service, a larger than normal credit limit, not to mention various other benefits specific to that particular credit card provider.

There are broadly three main ways in which credit card providers offer a variety of different credit cards that are specific to their line of business. Choosing the best credit card deal for your purposes is purely down to how you use your credit card.

Online Credit Cards

With the popularity of the Internet, an increasing number of major credit card suppliers are now offering credit card credit services on line. The benefits to both you the credit consumer and to the credit card provider are clear. In the first instance, online credit card applications are convenient and offer you the chance to shop around and to take your pick from the many credit card offers and deals under one roof - so to speak.

For the online credit card company (who also offer their services over the telephone), the fact that these credit providers have very little overheads - means a win, win situation for them. With no branches, less manpower and less physical paperwork to spend on, they effectively make huge savings by trading in this way.

On line credit card providers - Uk for instance, including those who offer a telephone service include, Morgan Stanley, Goldfish, Mint, Smile, Capital One, Egg, First Direct, etc., You will find some of the major credit card companies, along with a Uk card company list here

Many people will choose to research via the Internet for the best on line deal on a credit card. This popular approach is certainly used by many to source all types of credit card deals, quotes and best credit card rates. Doing an online search for the best credit card company or deal however, is not only time-consuming, but can be prohibitive for those people who do not use the Internet or readily have access to it.

Banks And Building Societies That Offer Credit Card Credit Services

Some of the more traditional Uk credit card companies include your local banks and building societies such as Barclays, Halifax, Lloyds TSB, NatWest, Abbey, Alliance and Leicester and many more.

Just take a look down your high street and you will see these credit institutions, whose roles' include fulfilling the dual purpose of being credit card suppliers too. While you can also access these more traditional credit card providers online and via telephone, you also have the option of simply popping into one of their local branche.

Chain Stores And Supermarkets Offering Uk Credit Card Services

Chain stores and supermarkets such as Marks & Spencer, Tesco, Sainsbury's, Dorothy Perkins, Top Shop etc., have been quick to capitalise on your spending habits, by themselves becoming credit card suppliers.

Your humble store card, credit discount card, rewards and cashback credit cards are designed with one purpose in mind. That is to keep you shopping with the chain store or supermarket from whom your card has been issued.

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