Apply For A Credit Card

Should I Apply For A Credit Card?

Have you encountered that well-known statement 'credit card apply' but are still pondering on whether you should apply now?

Applying for a credit card is not a bad thing. In fact, it is a positive move in the direction of establishing credit-worthiness and a good track-record for yourself and for the future.

The evolution of the credit card has transformed our lives in a variety of ways. Look around you and you will see many advertisements literally every where you go these days - in shops, on the TV, in newspapers, on websites etc.; all asking you to take the plunge and apply for credit cards.

Ask everyone you know whether they use credit cards and the chances are that most of them will say they do. In fact, most people who apply for a credit card have multiple cards that they use to manage their day-to-day finance.

Benefits Of Applying For Credit Card

There are numerous benefits associated with getting credit cards. Apart from the convenience they offer, credit cards provide the security of being in a 'cash-ready' position, without exposing your hard earned money to incidences of theft. This is perhaps one of the most significant benefits and reasons why so many people choose to apply for a credit card and especially at a time when most merchants today accept credit cards.

The consumer protection laws that cover credit card users, is another good reason why applying for a credit card is a good move. An example being - your right to withhold payment in the event you are justifiably unhappy with a purchase/transaction, until such time your dispute is resolved.

In addition to convenience and safety, you get interest free credit by the mere fact that you do not have to pay your credit card bill until the monthly statement is issued. This puts you in a strong position of being able to buy now - pay later, once you're in a position to do so. This, for many people present a great reason to apply for credit card.

As well as being a convenient and accessible form of credit, credit cards are a great financial resource that offers a host of other benefits. Here are some further financial reasons of why people might want to apply for a credit card:

  • Some people's financial situation would just not cope with an emergency situation. Even where there might be insurance cover in place, the very nature of emergencies often require that you foot the bill now and recoup from the insurer later. Other emergencies might include the urgent replacement of an important piece of appliance such as a refrigerator that you can ill- afford but nevertheless, is a necessity

  • Other reasons why people may choose to apply for credit cards is the ability it affords to take a much needed holiday or to manage some other kind of crisis without having to wait lengthy periods of time to save the amount they need.

  • Unlike cash - that is withdrawn and spent with little inclination on our part to monitor spending/receipts, your credit card statement makes it easy for you to track your spending, enabling you to better keep a close eye on your finances

  • An excellent function of the credit card is that it acts as a guarantee in such situations as reserving a restaurant, a hotel or even travel

  • Applying for credit card enables you to use your card worldwide - unlike cash, where you would experience currency issues

  • Age You Can Apply For Credit Card

    The age you qualify to apply for a credit card can vary from country-to-country or even from state-to-state.

    In general though, as in the UK, you must be at least 18 years of age. You will also be required to have a regular source of income, irrespective of how many credit card offers or solicitations you receive through the post.

    There are various way you can apply. These include either off-line or applying online for credit card.

    It cannot be stressed enough - Credit card credit is a huge responsibility and one you should not approach lightly. Failure to manage your credit responsibilities appropriately can be damaging to your credit-worthiness and land you into credit card debt you might find it hard to extricate yourself from.

    The following guide will help you understand what to do once you apply for and receive your credit card

    The content on this site is purely for information purposes only and is not intended to replace your seeking professional financial advice.

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