Best Business Credit Card

Best Business Credit Card

Business credit cards do not only represent a huge market for credit card companies, they can be a great asset to small business owners in a number of significant ways.

Apart from being an excellent financial tool that can positively aid the financial functioning of small businesses, a business credit card enables greater control in key areas such as enhancing cash flow; giving structure to expense management and financial record-keeping.

Personal Use Card v Best Credit Card For Business

If you're already a cardholder of a personal credit card, don't make the mistake of thinking you can simply use that credit card account to manage the day-to-day running of your business as well. Apart from the fact that having a credit card for business will offer distinct advantages over personal use creditcards, completely separating your personal expenses from those of your business will make your accounting far easier.

A further good reason to get a business credit card is that as your business grow, you may additionally want to apply for a business credit card for one or more of your employees' use.

As you can see, a small business credit card has many advantages, rewards and perks. Not to mention of course, helping you to build a solid business and credit card history in the process. You will only gain these perks and advantages however, if you source and select the very best business credit card for the job of helping you to manage your business efficiently.

How To Choose The Best Small Business Credit Card

You are by now fully aware that regardless of the type of enterprise you run, having a credit card for business can offer terrific benefits.

You should now also have a clear idea as to what it is your business need and you're most probably ready to apply for a business credit card. But where do you start with with the task of making a business credit card comparison, let alone choosing the best credit card for small business use?

Your choice of the best business credit card will depend on the unique nature and function of your business, as well as how you plan on using your credit card for business. But here are some additional important factors you will need to take on board before you apply for business credit card.

Purpose Of Small Business Credit Card Use

Have you clearly identified how you will use a small business credit card? There are a variety of credit cards for businesses from which to choose. For instance, you need to decide whether a incentives and reward scheme would be the best credit card for small business use? Or alternatively, whether a business credit card with a high or moderate credit limit is the best business credit card to meet your enterprise's specific needs?

Best Business Credit Card 0 apr?

You will also need to give careful consideration to the annual percentage rate (APR). Remember, if you expect to carry a balance each month, it make sense to secure the lowest or best business credit card interest rate you can get. On a further note, small business credit cards will generally carry higher interest rates than other types of loans.

A small business credit card 0 apr rate does not automatically mean you will not incur credit card charges or annual fees. These credit card charges can often wipe out any savings you make on a business credit card 0% offer, so be sure to check how much your business credit card 0% offer is really going to cost you and whether these can be deducted as a business expense against tax.

Is Your Business Credit Card Widely Accepted?

Does your small business involve travel or entertainment? If so, be sure to choose the best business credit card that is widely accepted when you travel abroad. Additionally, you will also want to ensure that your card has a national ATM network, enabling you access to cash 24 hours when you travel.

Does Your Business Credit Card Provide Insurance Cover?

Don't overlook either the importance of insurance when you travel - especially abroad. Some of the features to look for when choosing the best small business credit card offers are travel insurance cover, car rental insurance, purchase insurance and cover for your credit card in the event you should lose it.

What Customer Support Can You Expect From Your Card Provider?

For some small business owners, one of the features that constitute the best business credit card is customer support. What is the importance to you of having excellent customer services/ support around the clock? If you would benefit from being able to contact your credit card provider for support/queries at any time, then you might want to look out for a creditcard that offers 24 hour telephone or concierge service.

Running a successful small business is no easy feat. By today standards, it is as imperative that small businesses accept credit cards as a mode of payment as it is to use credit cards in their day-to-day trading. Credit cards are wonderful financial tools that when used effectively, can help ensure the success of any small business.

You can apply for business credit card online, by visiting the credit card company's website direct and completing a business credit card application. You can also apply for business credit card by telephoning the credit card company and requesting a business credit card application form via post.

Just be sure to check all the major credit card companies' offers and do a business credit card comparison before you commit. That way you can be sure of choosing from a selection of the very best business credit card offers currently available.

Among the best business credit card offers by major credit card companies are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover Card. To help you, here's a list of credit card companies.

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