Credit Card Company List

Credit Card Company List

The following two lists of credit card companies below will help you to identify the major credit card companies that operate on a worldwide scale, as well as highlighting those that are more specific to the Uk. Before you make your credit cards applications, take some time getting to know about the credit card credit providers and more specifically, what they can offer you.

It is only by evaluating the benefits each has to offer, can you truly make an informed choice as to which credit card can best meet your needs. Whether you are seeking 0 interest credit cards, 0 balance transfes or even credit card cashback or reward schemes, it is important that you take your time to research what you need.

The second list of credit card companies, though not exhaustive of the many hundreds of Uk credit card companies, does provide you with a means of identifying some of the better known Uk card companies.

You can make a start by researching some of the major credit card companies already known to you, following which you can become more adventurous with your credit card company list, by comparing one credit card offer against another.

To get you started, here is the credit card company list of four of the major credit cards suppliers that are not on the Uk credit card company list below. These four are among the big players and are known worldwide. Some of their key features are also highlighted for your information.

Credit Card Company List Of Global Providers

American Express
Better known for it credit card, charge card and traveller's cheques, American Express is known globally. This credit card company also provide a variety of financial services and insurance products.

MasterCard offer cards offer both credit and debit cards, with services around the world. Like many debit cards, MasterCard has the capabilities of being used as an ATM card as well as a credit card, as long as there are sufficient funds in your bank account/ checking account to complete a transaction.

Visa offers through its issuing members, debit cards - which can be serviced from a checking or savings bank account; credit cards; prepaid cards - serviced by a non-cheque writing account; and privileges - used with debit cards and prepaid cards.

Diners Club Card/DinersCard
The Diners Club card is perhaps better known as the 'Travel and Entertainment' credit card company. It has a specific purpose of marketing to card holders who are substantially high income earners/high spenders and who are frequent travellers. The Diners Club Card is accepted and used by cardholders world-wide. Among its many features is the ability of card holders to have total control as regard their business and travelarrangements.

Uk Credit Card Company List

Here is a further list of credit card companies - UK, many of which you may already be familiar with:

AA Credit Cards
Abbey Credit Cards
Alliance & Leicester Credit Cards
Amazon Credit Cards
American Express Credit Cards
AOL Credit Cards
ASDA Credit Cards
Bank of Ireland (NI) Credit Cards
Bank of Scotland Credit Cards
Barclaycard Credit Cards
Barnsley Credit Cards
Beneficial Credit Cards
BMI Credit Cards
Britannia Building Society Credit Cards
British Airways Credit Cards
Capital One Bank Credit Cards
Cheshire Building Society Credit Cards
Citibank Credit Cards
Clydesdale Bank Credit Cards
Co-operative Bank Credit Cards
Debenhams Credit Cards
Egg Credit Cards
First Direct Credit Cards
First Trust Bank (NI) Credit Cards
GE Money Credit Cards
GM Card Credit Cards
Goldfish Credit Cards
Halifax Credit Cards
Hilton HHonors Credit Cards
HSBC Credit Cards
Intelligent Finance Credit Cards
ipoints Credit Cards
John Lewis Credit Cards
Leeds Building Society Credit Cards
Lloyds TSB Credit Cards
Loughborough Credit Cards
Marbles Credit Cards
Marks & Spencer Money Credit Cards
MBNA Europe Credit Cards
Melton Mowbray Credit Cards
Mint Credit Cards
Morgan Stanley Credit Cards
Nationwide Building Society Credit Cards
NatWest Credit Cards
Northern Rock Credit Cards
Norwich & Peterborough Building Society Credit Cards
Post Office Ltd Credit Cards
Royal Bank of Scotland Credit Cards
Ryanair Credit Cards
Saga Credit Cards
Sainsbury's Bank Credit Cards
SAV Credit Limited Credit Cards
Sky Credit Cards
Smile Credit Cards
Stroud & Swindon Building Society Credit Cards
Tesco Personal Finance Credit Cards
Thomas Cook Credit Cards
Ulster Bank (NI) Credit Cards
Vanquis Bank Ltd Credit Cards
Virgin Money Credit Cards
Yorkshire Bank Credit Cards
Yorkshire Building Society Credit Cards

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