Who's Turning Their Backs On Credit Debt Help

It seems that where ever you turn these days, there is an endless stream of information on credit debt help, credit card debt negotiation, free credit debt solution, credit card credit debt consolidation etc.,

You only need to scan newspapers, magazines, search online to see the numerous credit card debt consolidation advertisements or to read the many articles on how and where to get help with debt.

Even Tv channels show countless advertisements relating to debt and how to go about getting help with credit card debts, elimination, negotiation or settlement. It would seem that the only difficulty credit card debt consumers might possibly experience with getting debt help, is how to go about sorting through the barage of information to find an honest, reliable and trustworthy source that is competent to help with debt management.

All the more reason why the research findings of a recent study is surprising to say the least. The study on Americans' perception of credit debt show that although a significant proportion of people from the 'baby-boomer' generation are deep in debt, they don't accept this reality.

The research - "Debt, The Blind Spot on America's Road to Retirement", highlight the credit debt problem that affects most age groups and in particular, the 'baby boomer generation'.

Commenting on the study, St Paul Pioneer Press state that the research from Securian Financial Group found that nearly half the people surveyed did not consider such things as credit card debt balances, credit loans, unpaid store bills or overdue utility bills as debt.

The 'problem' with this attitude is, if people don't perceive themselves as being in debt, how can they assess that they are in need of help with credit debt - whether debt negotiation, debt reduction or credit card debt elimination? As it stands, the bigger issue might not be the actual creditcard debt balance but rather the problem posed by a refusal to accept credit debt help at a time it might be most needed.

A further interesting finding of the study however, is that participants in their 20's are fully clued-up on the dangers of credit debt, with 83% not accepting 'debt' as part and parcel of normal life. This is in stark contrast to 73% of baby boomers who do. This is reassuring, since the findings show that the younger generation are not only more likely to exercise restraint over credit debts but are probably more likely to seek or to use credit debt help more readily than their parents' generation.

Regardless of age or personal circumstance, it is essential that anyone experiencing credit card credit debt or any other type of indebtedness, seek credit debt help advice at the outset. This will prevent the situation getting out of control, as well as giving greater peace of mind.

There is a vast amount of information readily available on free credit card debt help - online and off-line or, any other form of indebtedness. These services range from nonprofit credit card debt advice, debt negotiation, elimination through to credit card debt consolidation.

Just be sure to seek professional debt assistance or creditcard debt help from a reputable source such as a non-profit debt solution agency.

The content on this site is purely for information purposes only and is not intended to replace your seeking professional financial advice.

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