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2 Good Reasons Why You Should Get Your Free Credit Report Uk

Many people only become aware that something is amiss with their credit at the point they are declined credit card credit or other forms of borrowing.

Yet, with the opportunity to get a free annual credit report, there really is no need to wait for such an unfortunate event. It is good practice to take a look at your credit report from time to time, to see what is being recorded about you. This should be irrespective of whether or not you are actively applying for or are using credit card credit, loans, a mortgage or any other borrowings.

If you are a little complacent about checking your credit reports, bear in mind that if the information on your credit report should in any way be inaccurate, this could have far reaching implications and may affect important decisions concerning your credit status, credit card credit borrowings, and even your employment prospects until such time that you have the data corrected.

Unlike the £2 fee required in order to get a copy of your statutory credit report - Uk, it makes a refreshing change to know that you can now get your free credit report, without the need for free trials that more often than not, con you into parting with your hard earned cash.

You are entitled to a yearly, free UK credit report, courtesy of They were launched in June 2006 with the aim of giving access to a free annual credit report to every one in the uk. Annual Credit Report is operated by Credit Reporting Agency Limited, a free credit report uk company that is registered as such (by the Office of Fair Trading). As an independent company, they claim no links to any government agency, lender, credit card company, bank or building society. (Us residents:

Now, there is absolutely no excuse why you should not apply for your free uk credit report. It is an invaluable service, particularly if you are concerned about identity theft/fraud; or if have recently been refused credit card credit; have been declined any other form of credit borrowing; or you might just want to reassure yourself that nothing adverse is recorded on your Uk credit report.

How To Get Your Free Credit Report Uk

To access your free credit report uk with annualcredit, you will first need to sign up with them. Once registered, you will automatically receive a free online credit report every 12 months, however, for the privilege, it is a requirement that you agree to receive monthly emails from them. It only takes a few seconds and is well worth the effort.

You will not be required to divulge any of your credit card details, your telephone number or other sensitive financial information.

Following the initial sign-up, you will be sent via post an access code. You then use the code to get your free credit report uk, online. According to annual credit, the whole process should take only a couple of days.

They also offer an online UK credit report authentication service to those who need to access their free uk credit report instantly. There is however a small charge for this additional service.

You can also choose to receive notification of your credit score for a further small fee of £3.77, which they claim is a cheaper rate than that charged by other credit reference agencies.

And there you have it! A free credit report Uk service that will automatically send you an annual credit report on the date you signed up, with no more effort needed on your part.

Learn more about your credit report rights in law here

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